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Reducing Waste, Saving Landfill & Benefiting The Community

We encourage our staff and Clients to look at different ways of reusing materials before they are treated as waste.

Where we are unable to reuse materials, Ruggles & Jeffery effectively manage the waste stream to maximise recycling rates and reduce waste to landfill whereever possible. In 2011, our stringent recycling and waste treatment processes prevented more than 830 cubic yards of waste going to landfill.

We also ensured that 100% of our mixed woods, clean soil, mixed metal, paper, cardboard and clean hardcore was recycled.



Benefiting The Community

One of the innovative ways that we have found to reduce waste has been through our partnership with Thurrock Re-Use Project (TRUP).

Ruggles & Jeffery collect, sort and store cans of unused opened paint after each completed project that could not otherwise be reused. Every couple of months, we will deliver the stored cans of paint to Thurrock so that they can be used on TRUP community projects. TRUP will then donate the paint, on our behalf, for use by local communities and individuals. In this way, we are benefitting the envionment, the community and a local charity,

In January 2012, we are supplying 284 litres of paint and making a charitable donation to assist TRUP with their administration costs.