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Ruggles & Jeffery Ltd are recertified as an Investors in People organisation

Our Investors in People Assessment was conducted on 17th February 2017 and highlighted many organisational strengths and many of the qualities within our team. Rather than what we say about ourselves, more important is what others say about us. The Investors in People Assessment report summarised many of the reasons why we are so proud of our team here. Here is some of what the IIP Assessor had to say in his report:

Key Strengths:

  • The planning strategy is clear and focused. The resulting plan for 2015/17 provides clarity around activity, who to take responsibility, what is to be done, how to be done and when. In many areas this has encouraged the advancement of SMART targets.
  • Learning and development remains a priority where people receive both mandatory training and development to meet their working needs.
  • Tool box talks are a regular feature where topical themes are discussed and addressed.
  • The Senior Management Team are seen to be effective in presenting the business performance and future aspirations.
  • Communication is seen to be regular and effective where both formal and informal dialogue ensure knowledge is being shared across Ruggles & Jeffery.
  • People understand what they should expect from their manager.
  • The programme of individual reviews provides a regular opportunity to discuss individual progression.
  • Recognition is viewed to be very positive. People believe they are “given thanks which makes us feel valued”.
  • There is a culture of openness and trust where ideas are encouraged and listened to.
  • Staff enjoy their time at Ruggles & Jeffery which shows in the positive staff retention rates.
  • There is a positive team spirit which propels projects to successful outcomes.
  • There is a culture of ‘If there is a problem, it is discussed openly to arrive at a programme for improvement’.
  • People value the sustained success being maintained by Ruggles & Jeffery.


What people have said they value and enjoy as an employee of Ruggles & Jeffery

  • “It’s an enjoyable place to work”
  • “Everybody is friendly”
  • “We work in an open environment where everybody is approachable”
  • “This is a great place to work”
  • “Working here really suits my personality. We work hard to achieve success”
  • “I’m quite new here. I had a great induction and enjoyed every minute since starting. I think I have slotted in really well”
  • “I have been encouraged to learn and I have developed a lot in the past 12 months”
  • “It’s a great team to work with”
  • “”We all get on so well”
  • “You can ask anybody for help or support knowing you will get it”
  • “We all pull together”
  • “I feel appreciated for what I do”
  • “I enjoy the work, there is a lot to do but there is no undue pressure”
  • “If you have a problem there is always someone to talk to”
  • “I have all the training I have ever needed”
  • “I have been helped and supported through some personal issues”
  • “Family is recognised as being important”
  • “I would recommend working here to anybody” 


The last assessment conducted in 2014 highlighted the following:

  • “There is a strong vision and set of values which remain relevant and appropriate to the needs of the business”
  • “There is an enthusiasm throughout the team to “not sacrifice quality for quantity”
  • “There is a published corporate and social responsibilities document which has been communicated and universally understood”
  • “There is both a commitment to the team to support them and a dedication by the team to provide an excellent service”
  • “There is a culture of openness giving the opportunity for free and constructive dialogue”
  • “There is a positive culture of recognition throughout Ruggles and Jeffery”
  • “Staff development is a priority within Ruggles & Jeffery. Currently the personal review provides an excellent vehicle to use when looking for individual development opportunities. There are training plans to support and develop people”
  • “Many of those interviewed felt valued beyond doing a good job. One member of staff explained, “We have good managers who are part of the team”
  • “Many of those interviewed spoke positively of the recognition they had received from their manager. Several staff members explained how they had received positive feedback on their work”
  • “All of those interviewed could see the value of learning and development. A clear example is in the area of Health and Safety, resulting in a defined programme. Current records demonstrate an excellent record in this important area”
  • “People take a pride in and enjoy working for Ruggles & Jeffery”