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Investors in People assessment

Our Investors in People Assessment conducted on 26th March highlighted many organisational strengths and many of the qualities within our team. Rather than what we say about ourselves, more important is what others say about us. The Investors in People Assessment report summarised many of the reasons why we are so proud of our team here:

  • “There is a strong vision and set of values which remain relevant and appropriate to the needs of the business”
  • There is an enthusiasm throughout the team to “not sacrifice quality for quantity”
  • “There is a published corporate and social responsibilities document which has been communicated and universally understood”
  • “There is both a commitment to the team to support them and a dedication by the team to provide an excellent service”
  • “There is a culture of openness giving the opportunity for free and constructive dialogue”
  • “There is a positive culture of recognition throughout Ruggles and Jeffery”
  • “Staff development is a priority within Ruggles & Jeffery. Currently the personal review provides an excellent vehicle to use when looking for individual development opportunities. There are training plans to support and develop people”
  • Many of those interviewed felt valued beyond doing a good job. One member of staff explained, “We have good managers who are part of the team”
  • “Many of those interviewed spoke positively of the recognition they had received from their manager. Several staff members explained how they had received positive feedback on their work”
  • “All of those interviewed could see the value of learning and development. A clear example is in the area of Health and Safety, resulting in a defined programme. Current records demonstrate an excellent record in this important area”
  • “People take a pride in and enjoy working for Ruggles & Jeffery”