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Important ‘Preferred Supplier’ Appointment

Following a rigorous selection and prequalification procedure Ruggles & Jeffery Ltd are delighted to have been appointed to the status of Preferred Supplier to CBRE.

CBRE has built a reputation for providing exceptional service to their clients and as Preferred Suppliers we shall play a key role in that service delivery.

In the process to ensure that their Preferred Suppliers meet the needs of their growing business, they have rigorously sought suppliers that share their aim for the highest quality of service, health and safety, sustainability and exceptional value. In the words of the London CBRE Procurement Team – “we only want to work with ‘Best in Class’ suppliers and that is why Ruggles & Jeffery Ltd have been awarded Preferred Supplier status”. Clearly our reputation for outstanding service delivery in the past has helped us achieve this important appointment and we very much look forward to delivering outstanding service to CBRE and their clients.