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Continuing Investment in our Minor Works Division

Our clients tell us that finding Main Contractors to fulfil major projects isn’t difficult, the most pressing day to day challenges are of engaging competent and responsive Contractors who can address the ever increasing needs to speedily resolve Reactive Maintenance call outs, and where a first time fix cannot be achieved, speedily extend their service to quote and return to complete Minor Works.

Fully understanding those pressing needs, we have made significant investments in our Reactive Maintenance & Care Department and our Minor Works teams. In November we appointed more administrative support to our Reactive Maintenance and Care team and in January we appointed a further Minor Works Administrator. These important appointments are enabling us to handle more enquiries of that nature more speedily. When a Reactive first time fix cannot be achieved we now have increased office resource to speedily generate a quote for consideration. Once the quote is approved by our client our experienced team quickly return and complete the permanent solution.

As enquiries increased it was important that we invested further in our Estimating Department to ensure that surveys and quotes were speedily processed. In March we increased our estimating resource by 25% which has had the desired effect – ensuring that Minor Works teams are back on site quickly following the initial call out.

These important developments have helped us to recently secure a number of new clients. The feedback from existing clients on the improved service has been excellent and we are now best placed to further develop this important area of our business.

We are measuring and monitoring improving service levels and our clients can look forward to a service that we shall continue to invest in to consistently overcome the frustrations that most property managers experience.