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In these ever changing and difficult times the Directors of Ruggles & Jeffery Ltd have met again today and made important decisions about the welfare and safety of our people, our sub-contractors and clients.

Advice from the Government regarding which businesses should continue to trade changes day to day, but we have decided to take the lead in our decision to close all our sites and offices by close of play today until further notice. We expect that sites and offices will be suspended for three weeks but we shall continually review our plans as we move through that period and potentially beyond.

Why have we made these decisions?

  • To support the Government’s directives to Stay at home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives
  • We have a brilliant business and a brilliant group of people that we need to continue to protect.
  • These actions will protect the continuity of the business and protect our people’s jobs so that they have work to return to when this is over – as it will be at some point.
  • We want to retain all our skilled and valued employees and keep them in employment so that we can ‘hit the ground running’ and resume service delivery to our valued clients as soon as we sensibly can.

What will this mean for our People?

  • With effect from Thursday 26th March all our people both working on site and in our stores and offices will remain at home and not come into work.
  • The only exceptions to this will be the Directors and Senior Managers who will continue to work from home.
  • All our people will continue to be paid their full basic pay for such time as our working capital allows.
  • Those at work today will be making sites safe in preparation for the period of suspension.
  • All our people, with the exception of those mentioned above, will be deemed to be on Furlough Leave and must stay home and follow Government advice. They remain in the employment of Ruggles & Jeffery Ltd and must not work elsewhere and must not take on work for themselves.
  • We shall need to communicate with employees from time to time during this period to provide them with updates, and so we require employees to remain contactable via their company telephones/emails.

We don’t know how long this difficult period will last, but what we do know is that we shall stick together and come out of it stronger.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding this announcement, then please don’t hesitate to contact any Director of the business.

On behalf of all the Directors, please, everyone, follow the Government guidance and advice to keep yourselves, your families and friends safe and well.