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Community Partnership

Ruggles & Jeffery are delighted to launch our Corporate Social Responsibility programme. We feel strongly about contributing in an active way to improving the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people in our society, and are looking to do this through sport.

In March 2011, we were thrilled to formally announce our Community Partnership with Lakeside Hammers Speedway Team. For the past three years, the Lakeside Hammers have been working with local schools, clubs, charities and youth organisations to put something tangible and of real value back into the regional community. They continue to support a wide range of partners because as an integral part of the local sporting scene, they have recognised that they have a responsibility to do what they can, to help as many as they can.

The Hammers have been actively looking for a business partner to support their Community Projects for the 2011 season and beyond. We became aware of this through our membership to the Sport Business Network, as we had been actively investigating the opportunity to sponsor a worthwhile community project that was close to our local area.

We met with the Hammers Community Manager Mark Sexton and the Team Manager & Co Promoter Jon Cook in February, to discuss and plan what our potential involvement could be.

The vision that Hammers have for their work is very inspiring, and Ruggles & Jeffery were delighted to accept their invitation to become a Community Partner.

Our involvement is around funding some key community projects, which we look forward to sharing news about in the future. These projects include initiatives around education, social inclusion and opportunities for local schools, clubs and charitable organisations. As well as this, our partnership allows us to put plans around staff engagement, and the Ruggles & Jeffery team are motivated to become involved in putting something back into society.