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Lloyds Banking Group Essex House

New Roof Mounted Mechanical Plant

Client - Lloyds Banking Group

Architect - LBG Property Management

C/A - LBG Property Management

PQS - LBG Property Management

Contract Type - Framework Agreement

Programme Period - 12 Weeks

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QuoteThe Lloyds TSB Project Team were delighted with the results we achieved, in particular the commitment to programme.

The Challenge.

Working in partnership with the client’s mechanical contractor, our challenge was to take care of all building work around a new roof-mounted mechanical plant. We acted as Principal Contractor, responsible for managing on-site operations.


A complicated project, but completed to a high standard and to the full satisfaction of both us and the client. All the important phasing deadlines were met, without exception throughout the whole twelve week project.

The Solution.

Our work included the external scaffold tower and goods hoist that gave access from the ground up to the main roof over the eleventh floor.

The technical apects of this project were critical to its success; in particular the structural implications associated with forming the new supporting steel work on the roof.

In addition to our direct works on the roof, we also carried out extensive works to strengthen flooring in the basement.