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Hallmark Care Homes, Kew, Wimbledon

Client - Darent Valley Hospital

C/A - Carillion

Contract Type - Client Purchase Order

Programme Period - Two days

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QuoteA great improvement to what was a frustrating problem – thank you”.

The Challenge.

We were engaged by the client to address a problem they were experiencing with regard to their waste management contractor not always emptying their bins when they arrived on site due to restricted access caused by visitors parking. We needed to build a new secure bin storage area on the site that was more readily accessible to the waste management contractor.


A much improved bin storage area in a more suitable location providing easy access for the client’s waste management contractor.

The Solution.

We proposed moving the bin storage location towards the front of the boundary of the car park where visitor parking would not restrict access. We chose a ‘hit and miss’ style of fencing as it would hide the bins but allow for the wind to pass through. We also installed a set of gates to match with a slide bolt on one side and a clasp with a combo lock to the other.